Krystal Hoteles Recommendations if you are looking in Puerto Vallarta a hotel, Mexico
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Krystal Hoteles Recommendations if you are looking in Puerto Vallarta a hotel MexicoNews

Krystal Hoteles Recommendations if you are looking in Puerto Vallarta a hotel

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Recommendations if you are looking in puerto vallarta a hotel Urban Aeropuerto Ciudad de México Hotel Mexico City

Recommendations if you are looking in Puerto Vallarta a hotel

Puerto Vallarta is one of the great jewels of Mexico and is located on the Pacific coast, in the state of Jalisco. In this picturesque and wonderful city where the traditional is mixed with the luxury, it’s still possible to find cowboys on horseback walking through the cobbled streets surrounded by stalls where you can taste some delicious tacos.

In Puerto Vallarta, there are attractions for all tastes and the best of all, getting around the city is easy.

The city is divided into different areas, some more exclusive than others, but if you are looking for a Puerto Vallarta hotel, without a doubt you should go to the hotel zone, which is very close to the airport and has many shopping centers and accommodation. In fact there, it is one of the best hotels in Puerto Vallarta, the Krystal Puerto Vallarta.

What to consider when choosing hotels in Puerto Vallarta?

First of all, it is to know that in Puerto Vallarta, you will find hotels for all budgets, from boutique hotels to apart-hotels. The most important thing when making a decision is to consider the budget and location.

Once you are clear about what type of hotels you want to book and where, we advise you to look at the different accommodation options offered by each one. There are hotels that offer accommodation only, others that include breakfast, as well as others that offer the all-inclusive mode.

Already later, you can start thinking about what to do and what places to visit.

If you follow our advice and choose to stay in the Hotel Zone, we invite you to visit one of the most beautiful beaches in Puerto Vallarta, Playa del Oro.

The Playa de Oro has an area of 900 meters of soft sand and clean waters. You can access by Avenida Las Águilas, which is the street that borders the north side of the Krystal Puerto Vallarta. You will see that very close, there is a curious craft market that is worth visiting.

On the same beach, you can hire guided tours in water taxis, banana rides and even parachute rides.

And if you want to visit more beaches, we encourage you to visit Los Tules Beach, Las Glorias and Tranquila Beach.

You can be sure that if you decide on a hotel in the Hotel Zone of Puerto Vallarta, you will have relaxation and fun guaranteed, since there are a lot of restaurants and nightclubs.

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